The Case of the Missing Cookies!!!

Officer DaLee Wilkinson created a wonderful activity for our 6th graders at South Middle School.  She created a crime scene along with suspects and fingerprints.  Students had to follow the steps that police officers would take to solve a crime.  This activity connected perfectly with my language arts curriculum that focused on making a claim supported by evidence!  

Officer DaLee Wilkinson reading the scenario and covering the steps to solving a crime.

There were fingerprints hidden all over the classroom, students needed to carefully place them in a baggie so they would not get contaminated. 

 Many teachers were "interviewed" and their statements were shared. Here is an example:

What a great way to connect the classroom to the community through a real world example!  Thank you for a wonderful lesson Officer DaLee!  She even rewarded all of them for their dedicated investigative work...with COOKIES!  



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