Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mathletes Conquer Halloween Candy!

The physical education teacher and I join forces and make a connection for kids. 

This was a timely activity due to the fact that Halloween was right around the corner.  Before Halloween,  I showed the students a video I made to spark inquiry.  After watching the video, students made observations, asked questions, researched to find answers and reported their findings. 

The next week, students picked a candy bar off of the chart I provided.  Then we headed off to the gym to work off the calories!

Students got to choose the activity they wanted to burn off the calories.  At the end of class, students shared their experience with others, reported what they did to burn off the calories and how long it took them.  Our last stop was the locker room to reapply.... 

Yoga 20 minutes = burns 40 calories = 2 Starbursts

Basketball 20 minutes = burns 90 calories = Reeses PB cup

Aerodyne Bike 14 minutes = burns 70 calories = Kit Kat

Elliptical 9 minutes = burns 90 calories = Reeses PB cup

Stationary bike 12 minutes = burns 70 calories = Kit Kat