Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mathletes Conquer Halloween Candy!

The physical education teacher and I join forces and make a connection for kids. 

This was a timely activity due to the fact that Halloween was right around the corner.  Before Halloween,  I showed the students a video I made to spark inquiry.  After watching the video, students made observations, asked questions, researched to find answers and reported their findings. 

The next week, students picked a candy bar off of the chart I provided.  Then we headed off to the gym to work off the calories!

Students got to choose the activity they wanted to burn off the calories.  At the end of class, students shared their experience with others, reported what they did to burn off the calories and how long it took them.  Our last stop was the locker room to reapply.... 

Yoga 20 minutes = burns 40 calories = 2 Starbursts

Basketball 20 minutes = burns 90 calories = Reeses PB cup

Aerodyne Bike 14 minutes = burns 70 calories = Kit Kat

Elliptical 9 minutes = burns 90 calories = Reeses PB cup

Stationary bike 12 minutes = burns 70 calories = Kit Kat

Monday, October 27, 2014

Be Someone's Hero!

I love our theme this year!  At open house, I had parents fill out a poster, sharing why their child is a hero.  I took pictures of all of the students wearing a cape and put it on the poster.  It was great for parents to reflect and recognize their child.  It was even more powerful for students to know they matter and are everyday heroes!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 Q:    What is a Cocoa Klatch?
 A:  A casual social gathering for cocoa and conversation.

During our Cocoa Klatch, we talked about RESPONSIBILITY and the responsibilities we have throughout our lives.  I drew circles on the board and labeled them with different ages throughout our lives.  Students were given post-it notes and they wrote down responsibilities that they have at the particular age levels.  The activity was followed up with conclusions and great discussion!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I seriously didn't think life could get much better than Google Docs and then Google Classroom came along!  I try something new in Google Classroom every week.  This week, I created a playlist in Youtube that showed short videos about some content and vocabulary for the upcoming chapter.  When students finished their Chapter 3 assessment, I had them watch the playlist with content that would get them ready for Chapter 4.  They love being independent learners.  I find they tend to stay on task when I put in the effort to find meaningful ways to help them learn.  
Thank you Google for everything you do to improve what I LOVE to do...TEACH!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Kicking it Old School...and LOVING IT!

During Prime Time, we have scheduled events for each day. 

Monday- Circle Time
Tuesday - Olweus Activity
Wednesday - Grade Check & Silent Read
Thursday - Spartan Schedule
Friday - Free Day

For Free Day Friday, I decided to create stations around the room using games and items from my home that have been collecting dust over the years.  It was so fun to see kids creating, laughing, planning and strategizing at the different stations.  They LOVED IT and asked to do it again next week.  #unplug


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Connecting History with Experts Today.

I am very fortunate to work with people who go above and beyond what is required for students.  Mr. C,  a para at my school, asked if I would like him to come in and talk to my students about paleontology.  This is what we are covering in our social studies classes. He has a degree in geological sciences with a focus on vertebrate paleontology.  Mr. C. brought in a box of bones and led a wonderful discussion with the students.  Thank you, Mr. C. for helping my students make a connection!

Students asked a variety of wonderful questions.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Students will be able to define and identify theme.

Using a lesson, created by Lisa Vojacek, my students read children's books to learn about theme.  This was a great introduction to the lesson because the books were familiar to them.  It was a great way to make the connection.  Students shared the theme of their book with the class.  

The next day, we read unfamiliar short stories.  After discovering the theme, students highlighted their supporting evidence with highlighters and made comments in the margins.

Students are reading, Rag Coat   by Lauren Mills