Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Don't go to the refrigerator during these commercials!

In Mr. Matt Bakke's U.S. History classes at Valley Middle School students are trying to sell you something and it's not your ordinary item either.  It's a colony! 

Your group will create an exciting, informative sales pitch to encourage people to settle in your assigned colony.  You must include:

   1. A poster
   2. A musical jingle commercial
   3. A sales presentation 

For more information about the project: http://bit.ly/1bT5YFR

Commercial Examples: 

I enjoyed being involved in this project.  The students were demonstrating the 4C's!  Great work, Mr. Bakke and students!

Communication - Collaboration - Critical ThinkingCreativity


In Ms. Young's classroom, student's shared their backpack items.

Ms. Young's 8th grade English class at Valley Middle School just finished up reading,  Diary of Anne Frank.  To make a connection, Ms. Young had students give a speech that tied in concepts from the novel and called it a "Backpack" speech.  Students had to pretend that they were awakened early one morning by their parents and told that they had to go into hiding for an indefinite period of time.  They could only bring 3 items with them.  While giving their speech, students had to have their 3 items and show them to the class.

Backpack Speech info http://bit.ly/1icRGbL

 Hannah giving her "Backpack" speech.

Great idea, Ms. Young!  The students did a wonderful job and I learned something special about each and every one of them.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mr. Sanders RocKs a "Close Read"!

I observed Mr. Sander's English class today at Twining and was blown away by what I saw and heard.  

To start class, Mr. Sanders had the students write in their journals and make connections with the words written on the board.  These words were taken from the article that they would read later.

Words on the board

After journaling, the students read the article silently.
 In My Opinion - Article  

While reading, the students are asked to make the following markings on their article to assist with the future discussion.  

Directions for recording thoughts about the article.

Students taking notes about the article.

While discussing the article, the students are asked to use the hand signals that Mr. Sander's created for class discussions.

Hand signals during discussion

These hand signals allow Mr. Sanders to keep the discussion on track.  It is very useful!

The conversation was very lively, and almost every student participated. Mr. Sanders said the next time he tries this, he is going to give each student 2 pennies.  When a student joins the conversation, they can give up a penny.  Using this idea will allow each student to "give their 2 cents" about the discussion. 
LOVE IT!!!!!!

You rock, Mr. Sanders!  I want to be a student in your class every single day.  Thank you for all you do for kids!



Friday, November 15, 2013

Mrs. Shaffer's students used GoAnimate to demonstrate colloquialisms.

 What is a colloquialism?
A saying that expresses something other than the literal meaning of the words it contains is a colloquialism, like saying "I wasn't born yesterday," to mean "you can't fool me."

 To start off the project Mrs. Shaffer taught a mini lesson on how dialogue is punctuated.  Then she had students write out the dialogue between their 2 characters using proper commas, quotation marks, periods, and capitalization.  After that, the students could create their Goanimate.

Mrs. Shaffer scored students on colloquialisms in their presentations, transfer of informal text to formal text, spelling & grammatical errors, was the conversation realistic, and overall presentation.  Great idea, Mrs. Shaffer!

Colloquialism by Noelle Giauque on GoAnimate

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mr. Schauer's class project is nothing to "sneeze" at.

Using Autodesk Inventor, the students created their own tissue box designs.  "This project fits well in our aligned curriculum and the design process," said Mr. Schauer.  He also stated, "The students really worked hard on their creations and seem to like this project."

Mr. Schauer helping a student nail their project together.

A student putting the final touches on her creation.

 The project is the same, but every box is unique.

These ladies give the project a thumbs-up!

 Way to go, Mr. Schauer!  Your students 
were successful and engaged!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

"If there was a problem YO, I'll solve it." John Fuher

All middle school students in the GF Public School district are required to purchase some sort of netbook case to keep their device safe and protected.  A reliable case can cost anywhere from $15 and up.  This extra purchase can be an issue for some families.  Our social worker, John Fuher came up with a solution.  He designed a $3 netbook case out of Duct Tape and bubble wrap.  The cases are durable and affordable.  John cut all of the supplies for the students and taught the students how to make the cases. 
Thank you, John for helping our students help themselves!

 Social Worker & Problem Solver, John Fuher

Duct Tape netbook cases 

 Just another proud moment  at Valley Middle School...