Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mr. Johnson's students are getting feedback using Google Comments!

Students in Mr. Johnson's class are creating Google Presentations and getting virtual comments in real time while they work Editing while students work allows for immediate attention to corrections that need to be made before the project is due.  Students are receptive and have been using their manners to comment back.  It is super easy to do!  Just click on the slide you want to comment on, go to insert and choose comment. 

The Wizards conqured their SMARTboard Notebook Software!!!

I met with Mrs. Wavra,  Mr. Johnson,  Mrs. Carl and 
Ms. Younan yesterday for SMARTboard Notebook training.  During the training, we all agreed that SMARTboard Notebook is the way to go when organizing your teaching needs. 

 Mrs. Carl said, "While it might take a bit of time to prepare a lesson, it is worth it!" 

Ms.  Younan said, "I have put a lot of time into creating my Notebooks, but they make my teaching time a lot less stressful because everything I need is right there."  

 Mr. Johnson created a Notebook lesson right away for his science students and plans on using it for other subjects as well.  Kelly Wavra uses virtual Sticky Notes everyday but wants to switch to Notebook.  Overall, a successful session with the Wizard team!  Thanks for time and willingness to learn something new!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Valley 6th grade students are drawing inferences from text.

If you are not familiar with LearnZillion, 
you need to check it out!

After watching the LearnZillion video about drawing inferences, students practice together with their teacher using a common article. 

Next, students are given another article to  practice the strategy independently in their own groups. After reading the article, students then complete the tasks that are given to them by their teacher printed on paper. Students highlighted needed info, and then answered the questions on butcher paper using markers and glue.

Article used for independent group work.

Students working independently in groups, completing the tasks.


This was a great activity and all students were engaged and on task.  I asked a student if she had any questions and she said, "We already practiced with our teacher,  we can do it on our own now."
Way to go, 6th graders!  


Monday, October 28, 2013

Mrs. Lindeman's RT features their heroic ways!

Why not make the students become the force behind change?  At Valley Middle School every month, we feature a pillar of character.  The month of October is "RESPONSIBILITY".   Mrs. Lindeman and her RT volunteered to be the first group to create a video related to that pillar.  They shot the video and I put it together.  I am looking for another group to take on next month's pillar, "RESPECT".  Let me know if you are interested.  This video will also be posted on our RT calendar.

Take a look at their video, they did a tremendous job!  Thank you Mrs. Lindeman for allowing kids to be the driving force for change!

One of the many Super Heroes at Valley Middle School!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mrs. Wavra uses Edmodo to create an online book club with her students.

Edmodo Link

Edmodo is a social learning platform for teachers, students, and parents. It is commonly thought of as the Facebook of schools, as called by pupils and teachers alike.

Grand Forks Public Schools has accounts set up for you and your students.  Contact me if you would like to know how to activate your accounts.  It is easy!

Mrs. Wavra's Edmodo Reading Group

 Thank you for trying something new, Mrs. Wavra!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mrs. Vojacek uses Shelfari with her students to track what they are reading.

Create virtual bookshelves for your books to keep track of what you've read. Discuss your favorite books in a book club. 

Another SMARTboard conquered!!! Way to go, Mrs. Smith!

Mrs. Smith tackled her SMARTboard and won!  Do you want to be less stressed and more organized?  I spent only 20 minutes showing Mrs. Smith the basics of using her SMARTboard notebook.  It doesn't take long and will simplify your life. :)   Here is a quote from Mrs. Smith after our session together, 

"Thank you so much for teaching me something new yesterday.  I have been working with my new knowledge and I love it!!! I think it will simplify my life...YIPPIE!!!!"

Let me know if you would like a "cliff note" session about your SMARTboard, I would be happy to assist. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mrs. Vojacek uses comics to assess standards.

Mrs. Vojacek's social studies classes are, "Showing What They Know" by creating comics.  After reading the chapter, students were given a rubric that listed the requirements for the comic books.  The students published their comics, put them in page protectors and tied them with ribbon.  What a great way to publish student knowledge and creativity!  

Ms. Younan's RT has Valley Pride and used VidRhythm to show it!!!

Remix your world! Create fun/hilarious/awesome video music in seconds by recording your own video and audio samples.

Ms. Younan's RT video link :

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Secondary Technology Dept. is connecting with parents.

"Parent Tech University" is a newly created site for parents to use as a resource for online safety tips,  digital citizenship ideas and online homework help.  The site also has a link to a form where parents can make comments and add their thoughts about what they would like more information about.  To introduce the site,  tech partners met parents during parent teacher conferences and gave them a business card with the site information on it.

Handing a parent a business card at conferences.

Parent station for checking out the site at the school.

Poster with site information including QR code.

Business card with site information including QR code.