Friday, September 20, 2013

Ms. Diane Krueger's math class was FliPpinG OuT!

Ms. Krueger introduced Integers and leveraged a deck of cards to make a connection.  Students were paired and given score sheets and a deck of cards.  Taking turns, they flipped a card, looked up the value and wrote a number sentence. 

Next, the students lined themselves up according to their place value on a number line and a discussion was held about the difference between values.

To wrap things up, Ms. Krueger had students write a paragraph about the activity, which aligns with Common Core standards.  They were able to reference the hand and hamburger reference that is taped on their desks. 


Wonderful work, Ms. Krueger!  Your students were engaged the whole time and did not have a moment to misbehave.  You didn't miss a beat! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mrs. Vicki Peake and Mr. Craig Schmit created great visuals using SMARTboard Notebook!

Mrs. Peake teaches 7th grade English and Literature at Valley Middle School.  I have been observing Mrs. Peake this week and wanted to share her SMARTboard creations.  She also made smaller copies to tape to each student desk to help them remember.  Great idea!