Monday, May 13, 2013

Mr. Keith Anderson used Paperslide Shows as an assessment.

Paperslide shows are a wonderful way for students to "Show What They Know".  It allows for creativity while practicing sequencing skills.  I would suggest having students practice this process with something that they are familiar with first, such as the following example of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  This trial allows them to focus on the process rather than having to master a topic as well.  This example shows students placing each slide down individually.  They did this method because of all of the extra effects.  To speed things along, students can place all slides down while just removing the top slide to reveal the next one.  Enjoy!

This example was created by Mr. Keith Anderson's students at Schroeder Middle School.  This was their practice Slideshow before making one in Social Studies as an assessment. We used flip cameras.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mrs. Vojacek changed everything that day...

It was a bright, beautiful Saturday morning and I was just getting ready to bake some banana bread with my son, Ryan.  As I was looking for my famous recipe, I got a text from Mrs. Lisa Vojacek.  It said, " WATCH CAINE'S ARCADE ON YOUTUBE..... :) THOUGHT OF YOU."  So, I put down my mixing bowl and Ryan and I watched the video.  It was the best 11 minutes of my day and it changed my life, literally.  Ryan was so excited after watching the video that he wanted to scratch the banana bread baking and go to Hugo's to get cardboard boxes.  We spent the day together, using our imaginations...just like Caine.  BEST DAY EVER!  Thank you, Mrs. Vojacek for brightening my day and making me spend the day, thinking, creating and playing like a kid again.

YOUTUBE: Caine's Arcade  - Video Link

Caine's Arcade Site - Link

Imagination Foundation - Link

     Boxes from Hugos

 The beginning stage of Ryan's Crane Game.
Notice the book light in the top corner.  
It helps you see better when you are playing the game.
He is putting plastic wrap on the front to simulate glass.

Ryan's Crane Game
Ryan put a hook on a piece of string to pick up prizes.  He also cut slits in the top of the box to move the string from place to place.  There is an opening where you claim your prize.

Ryan's Skee Ball Game

Mrs. Vojacek and Mrs. Lindeman meet Caine in San Francisco!

Mrs. Shana Lindeman, Nirvan Mullick, Caine and Mrs. Lisa Vojacek
San Francisco - LearnZillion Conference 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mrs. Shana Lindeman and Mrs. Lisa Vojacek are on the LearnZillion 2013 Dream Team!

A HUGE Congratulations to two of our Valley teachers, Shana Lindeman and Lisa Vojacek who have been accepted to the nationwide search for the LearnZillion 2013 Dream Team!

From a pool of over 3,000 applicants from across the country, they were selected along with 199 other educators to join the LearnZillion movement to make high-quality lessons for the LearnZillion site. They have a strong desire to challenge and improve their own teaching, ability to craft targeted, standards-based lessons, and possess a passion for collaboration with other like-minded teachers.

Mrs. Lindeman and Mrs. Vojacek are currently in San Fransisco with the LearnZillion team at a training conference.  Way to go!  You are both very deserving of this honor and opportunity!

            Mrs. Shana Lindeman and Mrs. Lisa Vojacek in San Francisco

Mrs. Rita Gray tried a different way to start a difficult conversation in life skills class.

Mrs. Gray wanted to try something new with her life skills class.  Rather than ask for responses verbally, she wanted to incorporate typed responses and use a Google form.  Asking the question using this form will allow anonymity and hopefully generate more responses.  She will then look at the Google spreadsheet of responses and use the responses to drive conversation.  
Way to go, Mrs. Gray!  Thank you for giving it a whirl!