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Mrs. Tiffany Mannausau shared a great idea!

Mrs. Kristin Smith uses a.nnotate

Mrs. Mercer and Mrs. Brown joined music and physical ed. forces and let the students show their creative moves!

Love this...I want these posters in our hallways.


My NDATL Hero Presentation - 2013

CONGRATULATIONS TO PAT MERRITT! Recipient of the 2013 NDATL Techie Teacher Award! Well deserved!

A student in Mrs. Kelly Wavra's class used Prezi to deomonstrate her knowledge of the similaries and differences of past and present civilizations.

Mrs. Jane Rodacker used Study Blue with her students at Valley Middle School. Study Blue is an online flashcard maker.

Mr. Ben Moen used Google Draw with his Tech Ed classes this year. It was easy for the students to draw and share in Google Docs.

Blogging in the classroom with Mr. Eric Sanders - Twining Middle School

Little Bird Tales - Mrs. Vojacek's Valley students connect with Norway