Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mrs. Tiffany Mannausau shared a great idea!

Mrs. Tiffany Mannausau is creating magazine covers using the following site:  The students are making covers for their Mother's Day books.  The books will contain notes, poems and writing samples for their mothers.  This is a great way to personalize a writing project.   I loved the idea and decided to give it a whirl! (obviously making one with my daddio and not my mom)   I always like to try things out before I recommend them.  It was super easy to create and edit.  The site also has a billboard maker, trading card generator and much more.  Check out the site!

Mrs. Kristin Smith uses a.nnotate

Mrs. Kristin Smith and I worked together to explore the following site.  Her students have netbooks this year and she is using this site every week and loves it!

Kristin Smith uses the site : 
Each student has an account.
She uploads her article to the site and shares the article with the the students. The students use the sticky note option to pose questions, make connections and locate the main idea.  She then follows it up with a class discussion as students share their ideas. 

It is like Google in that she can see their progress.

WAY TO GO, MRS. SMITH!  Thank you for trying something new. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mrs. Mercer and Mrs. Brown joined music and physical ed. forces and let the students show their creative moves!

After learning a series of dances, the students at Valley Middle School got to showcase their moves at the end of the unit.  The students were allowed to pick from 5 music selections and choose their dance group members.  Each group had to choreograph a 30 second performance which was then presented to the whole class.  The dances were videotaped and put into an iMovie which was showed to all the classes.  As a surprise for the students, teachers also made their own dance video and added it to the final video.  Fun for all!

The teacher portion of the video.

Love this...I want these posters in our hallways.


While I love love LOVE my iPad, paper is still necessary for some things! 

Love this ad that shows that some things are indeed, better left low tech!


My NDATL Hero Presentation - 2013

NDATL Hero Presentation - 2013 - Link to Google Presentation