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Santa's Workshop at Valley Middle School- 2013

Keep updated on our Wolf Ridge trip this week!

Mr. Sanders keeps their attention by "Chunking" his classtime.

Don't go to the refrigerator during these commercials!

In Ms. Young's classroom, student's shared their backpack items.

Mr. Sanders RocKs a "Close Read"!

Mrs. Shaffer's students used GoAnimate to demonstrate colloquialisms.

Mr. Schauer's class project is nothing to "sneeze" at.

"If there was a problem YO, I'll solve it." John Fuher

Mr. Johnson's students are getting feedback using Google Comments!

The Wizards conqured their SMARTboard Notebook Software!!!

Valley 6th grade students are drawing inferences from text.

Mrs. Lindeman's RT features their heroic ways!

Mrs. Wavra uses Edmodo to create an online book club with her students.

Mrs. Vojacek uses Shelfari with her students to track what they are reading.

Another SMARTboard conquered!!! Way to go, Mrs. Smith!

Mrs. Vojacek uses comics to assess standards.

Ms. Younan's RT has Valley Pride and used VidRhythm to show it!!!

The Secondary Technology Dept. is connecting with parents.

Ms. Diane Krueger's math class was FliPpinG OuT!

Mrs. Vicki Peake and Mr. Craig Schmit created great visuals using SMARTboard Notebook!

Mrs. Leake is on the Symbaloo Train at Twining! -- Toot Toot!

Ms. Dosch used Screencast-O-Matic

Valley Middle School - Summer Plans Video - 2013