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One Word - 2018 - MOVE

MOUTH TO MOUTH! I am reviving my blog!  It has been in hibernation since 2015.  The thought occurred to me after choosing my #OneWord for 2018.  If you haven't read the book or discovered the One Word concept, I highly recommend it as it is LIFE CHANGING!  Janet O'Hara, tech guru and colleague, introduced me to the book back in 2012 and I have been HOOKED since. Resolutions were so daunting and disappointing.  The One Word concept is so flexible and adaptable because it allows for a new start at every turn.

Some of my past words:

Those words were fabulous reflection words and they fit my life at the time.  This year, I am choosing a more active word for many reasons... see web below:

Our team is going to welcome the students back in the hallway when the morning bell rings with a NEW YEAR'S EVE party! We will have hats, music, noise makers and balloons to kick off our ONE WORD activity! I can't wait!  I love my team. Here is the template:  O…

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